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Birthdate:May 1

A bio. I'm not good at this. I was born, went to school, then to university, and that's where I'm still stuck. Be nice and don't ask what I want to do afterwards - I don't have the fuzziest idea. Or rather, I have many ideas, and some of them might even be feasible, but I don't have the One Big Goal (TM) people are expected to have. I'm just realising that all this "growing up" business was a bad idea. I just don't know how to reverse it.

... but that sounds terribly angsty. I'm not really like that - not all the time anyway. I can also be curious, silly, fangirly, happy, creative, angry and all the rest of it. I can be really enthusiastic about obscure topics nobody gives a damn about. I usually have way to many projects running at once so I lack time all the time, but at least I'm never bored. Or I just talk about my more or less boring life. That's what this journal is for, after all - remembering events, thoughts, moments from my life. I mostly write in English, occasionally in German. I gave up on bilingual posts long ago.

As for my interests, there's the interest section for that; as for more details about my tangled state of mind, there's the journal for that. Unless I talk about really, really private stuff this journal isn't f-locked, so you can have a look around if you're curious.

I was asked about my friending policy. It's very simple: Friend me if you like, and I'll probably end up friending you back. That'll likely happen sooner if you let me know, though - otherwise I may overlook the new name for months. I don't check my profile all that often after all. So if you'd like to be added back, a brief comment as to how you discovered this journal (because I'm nothing if not curious) or the like might prove helpful. ;)

I had this on a sticky post, but let's see if a note in my profile won't suffice:
If you want to quote something I post on LJ - whether entry or comment - elsewhere for whatever reason, please ask first. Yes, even if it is an open post. No exceptions. I don't want to have to find out after a few weeks that, I dunno, some hypothetical rant about my hypothetical boss has been shared on Facebook (which I am not particularly fond of). The same goes for cross-posting or even just linking on any platform outside LJ. I'd like to have the option of deciding myself whether I want a link to my journal in some entry on Facebook, Twitter, or deviantArt, Dreamwidth, MeinVZ or anywhere else for that matter.
If you happen to know my real name, please don't link it to this journal. This is my fannish haunt. Also, I might occasionally rant about family, colleagues or whatever. Not everybody needs to see that. It ain't illegal, it just ain't necessarily polite.

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